hellthread misbehavers community mutelist

The goal of this text is to provide some transparent accountability on why I have added people to the bluesky mute list “hellthread misbehavers”. I’ll provide a tldr and a link which you can explore to find some context. If you have an issue with something and you’re a member of the community, ofc you can talk to me. If you’re not a member of the community…? shrug.




  • allegedly a real sexual predator who r*ped a patient? (links forthcoming, newspaper article and shit)
  • condescending to people about mental health
  • “(from his own words in his own articles) convinced a ton of people that he can cure depression with magnets.”
  • EXTREMELY CREEPY WTF COLD BDSM SHIT FROM THE PSYCHIATRY ACCOUNT https://bsky.app/profile/girlfriend.bsky.social/post/3jvnkdtkmrv2e seemingly filtering for vulnerable women, predator shit



https://staging.bsky.app/profile/benispailey.bsky.social defending the last troll