site goals

  • tell visitors a little about myself
  • host my music for streaming and download, along with context and stories
  • archive my poetry, prose, drawings, and photography
  • link to my friends’ websites, projects, and art
  • share information on my active projects
  • share interesting links and ideas that I have
  • host an accountability document for my hellthread mute list on bsky
  • connect my disparate online identities from a primary source of truth
  • ultimately, create a mausoleum for my ideas to live in after my inevitable death.

how it was made

This site’s source is hosted on this repo. I haven’t decided on a license yet! feel free to copy any of the template tweaks i use though. It’s deployed onto github pages with the default hugo deploy action and protected by cloudflare.

I made this site using Hugo! jekyllrb gave me dependency hell for ages, i hate jekyllrb. Specifically I used this terminal theme by panr, which I am incredibly fond of. Once I started using it the site only took a few hours to get online after years mired and stuck!