solstice! hi

radical empathy put it out there feeling around for a situation where heartwhole empathy new best friend consumes me burns me at unknown ends toward unknown ends till sunshade filterlight starshine numbs or I’m not there for lack of need lackadaisy place self care on the floorboards while love soaks in my ink and sheets smother my pink desire and lavender silvertongue hanging discourse on a low rung while I stay in bed

Naked Gibbous Snacking / Proving a Lack of Insecurity

I used to be the kinda witch who kept slim But here I am naked gibbous snacking in the am You see my dating prospects are looking beyond grim So I’ve decided to get fat Who’s anyone to say about that? Cuz I’ve still got color changing eyes A real round butt and beautiful thighs And a way with words my head denies But my heart keeps taking back


There’s nothing like a sunny rain To sit in for a while and wait away the pain Staring in the clouds watching for signs Praying to the summer hoping tightness in throat declines To precrash levels of sensitivity Caffeine tells me that she’s been missing me Three doses hit at once and I’m awake I twirl a few times in the wet Lightheaded brightness starts to flek My troubled sightless overaware mind

You Don’t Know

You don’t know The love in me Though I pop my top I have lips That you may not see If by whim I let one in it is often completely free, for them Many times I have, then, closed my grin For I often trust others for me And this trust runs thin Friends who’ve been Impermanently kin Raise a din of regret In my head Memory ravages my bed - -

an above average morning

half awake from first alarm to full awake from a call and slipping on cotton clothes more than a bit blind sliding the pain back the space my dreams were using, to think, but sunlight’s for ignoring and forgetting, and breakfast kale spinach carrots grapefruit blueberries egg on toast coffee. i sip and take a bite and sip again and more than a bit blind in addition to the pain


wakeup (my mommies) dartpounce sprint jumponthe couchbedlaptopwindow licktoes dart pouncebite MIAUW hold me!!!! purrpurrpurr cuddles mommy purr eat sleep wakeup purrrcuddle chewlickchewlicklick YAAAAAAAAAAWN curluponmommy purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yawnchewsleep