radical empathy put it out there
feeling around for a situation where
heartwhole empathy new best friend
consumes me burns me at
unknown ends toward
unknown ends till
sunshade filterlight starshine numbs
or I’m not there
for lack of need lackadaisy place
self care on the floorboards
while love soaks in my ink
and sheets smother my pink
desire and lavender silvertongue
hanging discourse on a low rung
while I stay in bed
and liquor lips poetry falls out of me soberly
as I forget books I’d read
missing the feeling for lack of
best friend lustyliving
frostytime spring
and not for excess of ears do
songs settle fireless
tinder plenty but naught for logs
lingerless legs lacking for pain
soft and skinny, lacking in sustain
covered plenty when in excess of rain
covers tugging at the lack of names
shush now babe your betters speakin
wishin that yr best friend was peakin