You don’t know
The love in me
I pop my top
I have lips
That you may not see
If by whim
I let one in
it is often
completely free, for them
Many times I have, then,
closed my grin
For I often trust others
for me
And this trust
runs thin
Friends who’ve been Impermanently kin
Raise a din of regret In my head
Memory ravages my bed - -
Neglect, I could mend
Now my only heart’s been (self)-rend
By words intentionally unsaid
And topics consistently dodged
When I sing I’m seeing red
Because the ears don’t count to one
The distance between us was
astronomically significant
My humble pitted surface still
reflects all that you are, my sun,
My inhabitants still worship
your image but I grow weak
Knowing that my
light source has
been blocked
I seek you through transistors
but it seems I’ve been cut off