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Will be such a treat when (your books) all arrive!! yes and a SHELF i yearn for the shelf not as a doll yearns but as a technician who bends and bends for her tools (my tools will not fit on the shelf i ordered) (i immediately need a second shelf)


time after time life fails to teach me this lesson on the subject of art: when you are about to try to impress a woman, hit record

mind your fucking language

even if you get super metaphorical and inscrutable like they still get the threat vibe they still get the message they can still boot you just like, back up go back up stream please im not a cop ok im just telling u the landscape spamming gun emojis is also a threat this just moreso literally like go upstream of this thought remember WHY hannah did this to get rid of a chud how else can we get rid of a chud go explore this cannot be exploited further without REDACTEDREDACTEDREDACTEDREDACTED please can we draw a line so we don't get fucked this is not a safe free comms this is a surveilled and restricted and logged space you cannot say that shit like mind your fucking language use it more skillfully and thoughtfully please god now may i begin again please literally like go upstream of this thought remember WHY hannah did this to get rid of a chud how else can we get rid of a chud go explore we cannot exploit this path further there are other ways to shut chuds out we don't all have to imitate hannah even tho what she did was based lol in fact we shouldn't she got popped nori weren’t you working on an… fuck, i’m sorry i’m a dumbass but i don’t know the terminology – an instance?

on tour

previously, on threats… it might be a little late bc im going on tour in june but fuck u im getting laid go to hell yooo wait on tour??? no back up, are you in a band?!?!? no my drummer left me and i haven't made music in four and a half years, i am a poet and a bard and a woman of letters, i have business and i have curiousity and i have connections and i have intention well i wrote like one song maybe two but regardless, i go to make art i go to change people i go to kiss girls i go to explore and scout out cities i go to be inspired and to write and to teach and to learn i go to have a particular beautiful woman draw all over my body for the aesthetic value i go to cry with my friends i go to sing and to song and to dance and to laugh and to march almost definitely boston 7-12 then almost certainly philly, maybe somewhere else if i have time could go to PGH if my people are home could go to NYC but idk if i have many could go to SF to see my friend a second time i have no great interest in solitude save what serves my adventuring my people are in philly i have been offered hospitality i have plans that i cannot speak openly of and i have others that i may i have plots and investigations i have one or more ulterior motive which i have given fair hint and warning and drawn fair free reign over i have projects to attend to and shapes to contort my body into : ) it is not so hard to be offered hospitality in my position, so long as i do not harden my heart (importantly i do also have wealth) i'm not going to go play 'shows' aha there were not many people at my last show i think that's the only show i've done before that wasn't cancelled.


locks are such a half-measure. collapse the entrance. destroy the building. leave nothing worth stealing. destroy yourself. leave nothing worth wanting. annihilate the evidence. leave nothing worth studying. leave nothing. leave. your hidden place exists, one where no passage is possible, one where all that enters finds death and all that exits is water. the heaviness of comfort you desire can be found there. your dreams expand into the void and consume you.