locks are such a half-measure.

collapse the entrance.
destroy the building.
        leave nothing worth stealing.

destroy yourself.
      leave nothing worth wanting.

annihilate the evidence.
    leave nothing worth studying.

      leave nothing.


          your hidden place exists,
    one where no passage is possible,
  one where all that enters finds death
       and all that exits is water.
the heaviness of comfort you desire can be found there.
  your dreams expand into the void and consume             you.

    like you always wished they would.
      like they would’ve always could              without half-measure.
        like the promises whispered and                   forgotten.
          like the treasures left for strangers.
            like truths written and                       discarded.
              like rhymes, when anything rhymed.
                like memories,                          with a flinch.

                                                places you cannot return.
                                                ways you cannot escape.
there are caves underwater no-one speaks of,
  for if they were known women would swim inside and never

how long can you hold your breath?
how far you can you see in-                              to the unseen
                                                    before you see nothing?

obscurantism and secrecy has lost favor,
but those who draw maps of the ocean                       don’t waver.

                                                        there will be a
                                                          time when such
                                                            knowledge is

uninterrupted sleep is an uninhibited good.
don’t stray from your course.
know your comfort.
                                                          just remember.