previously, on threats…

it might be a little late bc im going on tour in june but fuck u im getting laid go to hell  

yooo wait on tour??? no back up, are you in a band?!?!?

no my drummer left me and i haven't made music in four and a half years,  
i am a poet and a bard and a woman of letters,  
i have business and i have curiousity and i have connections and i have intention  
      well i wrote like one song  
         maybe two  
      but regardless,  
i go to make art  
i go to change people  
i go to kiss girls  
i go to explore and scout out cities  
i go to be inspired and to write and to teach and to learn  
i go to have a particular beautiful woman draw all over my body for the aesthetic value  
i go to cry with my friends  
i go to sing and to song and to dance and to laugh and to march  
almost definitely boston 7-12  
then almost certainly philly, maybe somewhere else if i have time  
could go to PGH if my people are home  
could go to NYC but idk if i have many  
could go to SF to see my friend a second time
i have no great interest in solitude save what serves my adventuring  
my people are in philly  
i have been offered hospitality  
i have  
   that i cannot speak openly of and  
	i have others that i may  
i have plots and investigations  
i have one or more ulterior motive  
   which i have given fair hint and warning and drawn fair free reign over  
i have projects to attend to and shapes to contort my body into  
: ) it is not so hard to be offered hospitality in my position,  
   so long as i do not harden my heart  
   (importantly i do also have wealth)  
i'm not going to go play 'shows'  
   aha there were not many people at my last show  
      i think that's the only show i've done before that wasn't cancelled...  
      hmmm i've done a few others (though not for anyone that was listening)  
      sooooo long ago that it's hard to tell  
but i've played for many people  
songs that i would never write down  
   on principle  
songs for the moment  
for the wind  
for the mountain  
for the space between the people present  
for the space held for one in particular  
for the space in my own heart that cries out for vibration